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Chad Netherland - Click here

"Learn the system that took me from human to superhuman"


What if i told you that you can accomplish anything you desire. my 5 step process will help you unlock the limitless power of your imagination and give you the structured tools you need to truly identify your goals and accomplish anything you set your mind too. See how I used this system to break more guinness world records in martial arts and strength than anyone else in the world.



Tired of the same old boring motivational speakers?


Bring the power of visualization, goal setting and determination to your next meeting or special event with a fully customized performance from Chad netherland. Chads training seminar delights and entertains audiences by delivering practical personalized content while consistently exceeding client expectations. Chad will transform sales teams and coach executives to take action and grow by bringing the power of visualization, goal setting and determination. Learn how to overcome obstacles in your profession and create new opportunities to be successful.


Bring the power and entertainment of 10 time Guinness world record holder Chad netherland to your next meeting.

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