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As an actor, speaker and performer, Chad Netherland has been seen by millions on national and international Television programs such as Fox, Rachael Ray, ESPN, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Anderson Cooper Live and Stan Lee’s Superhumans. He is featured in the 50 year anniversary Guinness Book of World Records and is a character in the Guinness Book of World Records the Videogame for Ninteno Wii and DS.


As a 10-time Guinness World Record holder he is a true master of strength and destruction holding more Guinness world records in martial arts and strength than anyone else in the World.

How it started

Chad was born in Bilox MS in the early 1970s. His mother went into labor in one of his father's martial arts schools. You could say he was literally born into the martial arts.  Chad was traditionally trained in the martial arts and has master and instructor rank in Aikijujutsu, Judo and Kempo.

At a young age he was incredibly strong being able to lift and hold things that weighted much more than he did.  As he grew in age so did his strength and ability; from lifting red wagons to holding back red trains.

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