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Chad's Amazing feats and World Records

Some of his unbelievable feats include:

  • Holding back superbikes at full throttle by hand

  • Human Bullet catch

  • Tearing phone books by hand

  • Ripping decks of cards by hand

  • Bending steel bars and nails by hand

  • Bending metal frying pans by hand

  • Driving a nail through a board by hand

  • Breaking large stacks of concrete blocks / Ice blocks by hand

  • Exploding glass bottles by hand

  • Holding back airplanes from taking off by hand

  • Laying on beds of nails with a 1,000lbs of concrete broken from his chest

  • Blindfolded sword cuts

  • Break baseball bats by hand

  • Breaking handcuffs by hand

  • Holding back 500hp sports cars at full throttle by hand



Currently he is featured twice in the new 2014 Guinness World Records.

His current World records Include:


  • Longest Duration to Hold back two aircraft from taking off by hand 1:00:66 (one minute 66/100)

  • Fastest Time to Break 50 blocks of Ice (19.26 seconds) Rachel Ray Show

  • Most Ice Broken in a single strike” 20 blocks (16 ft wall of ice)

  • Bed of nails concrete block Break” 848.10 lbs of concrete broken with a 16lb sledgehammer. (Record broken 6 times)

  • Fastest time to bend 10 nails” 21.13 seconds

  • Fastest time to escape a pair of double locked hndcuffs (00:01:59) seconds

  • Fastest Time to escape a pair of handcuffs blindfolded  (00:02:42) seconds 

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